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March 28, 2018

Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement | Sam & Josh | Pasadena Wedding Photographer

Los Angeles Arboretum Engagement | Arcadia Engagement | Pasadena Wedding Photographer

High school sweethearts, Sam and Josh, picked the LA Arboretum as the backdrop for their engagement session, and it provided the perfect variety of scenery to showcase their unfolding love story.

As we walked through the luscious greenery and vibrant florals that filled the Arboretum, we chatted about all sorts of things, including our love for a good Netflix binge (shout out to Breaking Bad!) and, of course, great food spots! Josh, who is Peruvian and prides himself on being a culinary connoisseur, gave us some delicious tips on the best dishes to try at some of his personal favorite Peruvian restaurants. Sam shared her practical survival tips in case of a zombie apocalypse and discussed their addiction to The Walking Dead. We talked and laughed as we dodged geese and explored rose gardens, bamboo forests, waterfalls, and the Queen Anne Cottage on Baldwin Lake. One thing was clear throughout our entire session with Sam and Josh–these two had such a fun and real love for each other! You could see it in every giggle, kiss and look they gave each other. They embraced each other with loving familiarity and an excitement for the future.

We always look forward to getting to know our clients and how their favorite things and experiences inform who they are as a couple. It’s a fun reminder of how our stories are made up of so many little pieces, and each person’s journey is a little different.

Sam and Josh’s big day is just a little over a month away, and we just get more and more excited to celebrate with them the closer we get! Have fun reliving their engagement session as we Netflix and chill with some Lomo Saltado 😉

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