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February 7, 2018

How We Named Our Business

If you’re an entrepreneur, musician, small business owner, etc., you’ve probably gone through this. What do I call myself? What do I name my brand? What title effectively communicates who I am and what I do?

We experienced this last year when Peter decided to officially join our photography team.

Bridgette’s first logo!

Having operated under the name Bridgette Ambrose Photography for several years, a well-crafted rebrand was absolutely vital to retain trust with our past clients while appealing to potential new ones. After tirelessly brainstorming for titles that were some combination of our names (Bridgette & Peter, Peter & Bridgette, Jean Charles, Charli B, PB Photo), we came to the conclusion that ANY mixture of “Bridgette Jean Ambrose” and “Peter Charles Tvrznik” really didn’t sound quite right for our brand.

We know that many photographers use their own name(s) when deciding what to call their creative business, and we love that because it helps define who they are, both as a person and a service. But because no combination of our names felt right, we had to rethink the whole idea and find a title that represented both of us and was also relevant to our industry. Endless discussions riddled with (sometimes) ridiculous suggestions from family members–no Mom, we’re not calling ourselves Sweetie Pie Photography–we landed on Lace & Lapel Photography! WOOHOO!

Bridgette’s second logo and a HUGE improvement on the first 😉

Working in the wedding industry, we see a lot of LACE as we photograph brides in their gorgeous wedding dresses, and you always have to get those close-ups of the suit LAPELS when boutonnieres or pocket squares are involved! The contrast in the title felt like the perfect fit for our girl-guy team and very much representative of our roles in the business. 🙂 While Peter is in charge of operations, Bridgette handles much of the creative side of things. It’s a perfect match!

Evelyn Lai of Bon Paper House

What solidified our love for the name, however, was the logo design by the talented calligrapher Evelyn Lai of Bon Paper House! Bridgette first connected with her through the Heartfelt Grid, an Instagram challenge created by Rachel Allene that encourages entrepreneurs to be more transparent and authentic on social media. Rachel, a lettering expert and small business cheerleader, believes in serving others and prioritizing people in real, heartfelt ways over simply gaining profits (although she believes healthy profits are vital, too). Naturally, Bridgette and Evelyn both resonated with Rachel’s vision and even stayed connected beyond the challenge. So when we reached out to Evelyn some time later about helping us with our new logo, it felt like we were simply asking a close friend for a favor. 🙂

And in almost no time at all, Evelyn produced our amazing logo, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Her exquisite lettering coupled with her attention to detail and love for the work completely shines through the design and captures the essence of our brand. We’re deeply grateful for her talent and creative eye!

Now with our identity and branding defined, we’re excited to serve our clients better and offer more through our wedding photography and videography! We believe quality should be built into every part of an entrepreneur’s business and that starts with how you present yourself. So here’s to a new name, a new team, and a new year full of possibilities and adventures!

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